Happy Saturday beautiful people!

As I write this, it’s Friday night, the snow is falling, the streets are empty, thousands of tickets refunded due to events being postponed or cancelled, sports games cancelled, people stuck in airports and everyone just wants to get home, to the safety of knowing everyone is safe and warm, and if we are lucky enough, that’s where we will be. 

I don’t know about you, but I quite like snow days, for the first few days they give us a great opportunity to play hooky from work and play catch up at home. Yes, they are inconvenient, yes they can cost us money and yes, we get cabin fever, but if we can get outdoors they give back in so many ways, especially when the powder is fresh and fluffy. Incase you need a little reminder to live in the now and make the most of the situation, here are a few reminders why snow days are a good thing. Enjoy!

1. Snow Gives You a Different Type of Workout 

Trudging through just 8 inches of snow can leave a nice little burn through your thighs, and  if it’s a fair distance your legs are probably telling you so, to top it off you may have worked up a sweat under all your layers and this can make you cold. Ugh, what a pain.

Really, though, it’s no so different than working out, so think of it as nature giving you a free workout.
If you can’t get out or to class check out the Flourish and Nourish Facebook page, I’m updating it with video workouts for you to do along with me at home.

2. Snow Lets You Sleep In

Did you know that more than half of Americans say they feel they don’t get enough sleep, and lack of sleep is seriously damaging to your health and well-being so use this weekend to catch up on your sleep.

There’s nothing nicer than staying snuggled up while the snow comes down outside, and a snow day gives you the perfect chance to get a few extra hours of z’s. 

3. A Day Reading Is Great For Your Brain

 Going out and playing in the snow isn’t for everyone, and quite frankly, you can’t do it all day long, so spending the remainder of the day curled up with your favorite book can be a perfect way to pass the time on a snowy day.

4. Snow Makes You Take A Vacation

We all need a break sometimes, but it can be hard to take one, however, when we’re snowed in, other people in the office are too , so join the tribe and take a break from the high stress and chill a little, get some rest., your body and mind will thank you.

5. Snow Gives You Time to Cook A Healthy Meal

When we’re on the go, or during a regular week we often resort to quick and easy mealtime solutions which we cook, week in, week out, and it gets boring. This is a great opportunity to try out that new or complicated recipe you’ve always wanted to make, but never had time to try (as long as your regular supermarket has food left on the shelves after the panic buyers have steamrolled through)!

It’s also the perfect time to get the whole family together around the table. You’re not going anywhere, so it’s a great time to regroup as a family over a healthy, hearty, home-cooked meal.

6. Snow Lets You Spend Time With The Family

Speaking of family, it’s a great opportunity to hang out together, seeing as everyone loves a snow day, they are going to be in a good mood!

7. Be a kid again!

Snow turns the everyday world into a magical wonderland, and has the unique ability to bring out the kid in everyone, go on, make some snowballs, or get on that sled!

8. Snow Boosts Your Energy

Do you kind of have an urge to go run and play around outside when you see snow? I know I do! I love to play with my dog and go for a run in the snow; I have a pair of trail running shoes that have the most enormous tread and they work a charm, I come back with rosy cheeks, and full of life, its completely exhilarating!

Whatever you decide to do when the snow hits I hope you make the most of your time off from the norm and have fun together. Thinking about it, could we apply the same methodology to rainy days?!
Zoe x 


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