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Well, hello there, 
See that photo above 👆that’s me, pretending to be busy and write important stuff 😊
In reality, I often find the important stuff hard to focus on, it’s almost as if I am avoiding it at all costs. I would rather do the little things that give me instant gratification, are you the same? 
Focus is my nemesis. I can hate it and I find it hard, especially when I have tons of fun little things to do on my list.

The problem with the little things is that they very rarely amount to anything big.

Last week I wrote about intention, and how to bring it into day to day life. This week I am taking this one step further and bringing intent to focus.  

You and I know the magic happens when we are in the zone and focusing on one thing. You know the feeling, the creative juices are flowing, you feel like you can accomplish anything and nothing can stop you.  This is fantastic, but is it just one thing you are focusing on, or The One Thing?

Because, there is a difference

Think about making maximum impact in one area of your life at a time.
Think about that one thing and turn it into The One Thing.

The One Thing can apply to all areas of life.
Relationships, home, health, finances, work, business etc. Here are some examples
What is The One Thing you can do to improve… 
The relationship with your spouse
To achieve my diet goals
To achieve my health goal
To increase my net worth

In an effort to gain more clarity, more results, and more energy around certain areas of my life I am taking a step back from doing everything I possibly can in a day and starting to focus on  one thing at a time – The One Big Thing . 

The One Thing is a big thing

The One Thing is the thing that is going to make the greatest change, that’s why its The One Thing. It takes priority over everything else and yields maximum impact/results.

Upon reflection I realized I was doing all the small things in order to avoid taking risks, and doing the ONE thing that would have the biggest impact. I was afraid of failing… so I “never had time” for my One Big Thing. I was afraid of the build… so I “had more important, sure thing” things to focus on.
I was afraid of getting overwhelmed, so I avoided building my One Big Thing.
  Instead, I was frittering away time in fun projects, developing workouts, new initiatives… anything I could do dance on the periphery of the One Big Thing.   Thinking about your own business/life/career/family, what’s the One Big Thing that would have the largest impact? 
  Now, consider lining up your intention with your focus and work on The One Thing. What magic!

What’s stopping you?

Zoe x

I met a girlfriend for lunch yesterday and told her the topic of this weeks  newsletter -the one thing and how I knew I needed to re-focus my head around my 2019 plan because somewhere along the way I was side-tracked. She asked if I had read the book called The One thing,  I didn’t even know there was one! I have since ordered it and am waiting for it to be delivered, I’ll let you know what I think.


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