Well hello and a very warm welcome to 2019!

New year, new you? Have you made new year resolutions? Dry-January? Lose 5lbs? New job? Exercise 5 times each week? Buy less take out and cook more? Spend less money on x, y or z?
How’s it all going? I wish you luck, I know how tricky resolutions can be, so much so that I don’t make them anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t enter each new year without purpose, far from it. Read on…

This year my business and personal goals are to help you flourish and feel nourished in all aspects of your life.
I sincerely want to see you succeed in everything you do, crush every goal you set and bring yourself closer to the best version of YOU!
I don’t want you to survive life, I want you to dream it, plan it, execute it and LIVE it. 
I want you to wake up every day with dreams to chase and a mind full of purpose.
I want you to come to me in 12 months time and tell me you have had the most amazing, fulfilling, challenging and rewarding year.
I want you to experience enormous personal growth, more than you ever thought possible.

Your dreams are your dreams, YOU control them, no one else.
Let’s get working on those dreams and goals, shall we? 

  1. Take a moment to write them down, there is no time like the present. Go on, don’t overthink them, just write them as they come to you. 
  2. Next, write why each particular dream is important to you.
  3. Finally, re-write each dream as if the dream is now a reality, and write down the emotions you experience because you are now living that dream.

For example:

  1. In 2019 I would like to buy a new car
  2. I am fed up taking it to the dealers to get it fixed and I hate spending money on repair bills
  3. I bought a new Audi and I love driving it, it makes me so happy (and I look good in it too :-)).

Now, put this list somewhere you will see it regularly, like 5 times a day regularly!
Look at it every morning to check you are still on track with where you want to be. 

But, what, WAIT, I CAN”T Zoe!!
Why not????
Because………………….because……….I have this to do, and that to do, I simply don’t have time for my dreams. I have a home to run, a job to do, groceries to buy, tennis to play…………… (insert your excuses here) 

Are you getting in your own way? Are you making excuses for not taking action? It takes courage and honesty to admit we make excuses, even though we ALL do it… Making excuses can be a good thing because when we make excuses we stay small and safe, and this is where we are comfortable.
Remember, change happens at the end of your comfort zone. 
Use the link below to identify your excuses, understand the underlying fear/consequences of making excuses, and commit to doing things differently in 2019. 

I wish you a wonderful 2019 and look forward to working, playing, lunching, coffee-ing and wine-ing with you. I also hope to see you at our Wine, Women and Wellbeing events, let’s do this girlfriends!
If you would like help making this an amazing, fulfilling and completely jaw dropping year drop me a line. Let’s chat!


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