hances are you spend a large portion of your day sitting. It’s an unfortunate and often unavoidable fact of life in our modern world. Between looking at a computer all day, commuting to and from the office, and unwinding on the sofa —the time on your butt adds up! Unfortunately, all this time spent being sedentary isn’t doing you, or your butt, any favors!

Sitting for hours on end can cause your glutes to go to sleep. This may not seem like a big deal but they are a very important set of muscles and impact the health and functioning of your entire body, spending your days parked on your backside can make a real mess of your hip flexors.

When the hip flexors become tight, they can throw off your posture, prevent proper pelvis rotation, and lead to back pain. If your pelvis can’t rotate properly, it can cause compression in your lower back, causing pain, and the pain doesn’t end there – if your hips, pelvis, and glutes aren’t working as they should, you could experience pain in your knees and ankles.

Did you know that too much sitting can actually change the shape of your butt! It can be disheartening to learn that over time, sitting can actually make your rear end appear flat! But don’t lose hope! 

First,  can you stand at work or at home when at your computer?  Make sure your allows you to sit with proper posture.  If it is possible, elevate your computer screen to eye level to prevent your head from dropping forward. Sit as close as you can to your desk to ensure that you are not reaching for your keyboard.  Give your glutes a little squeeze to keep them awake periodically during the day.

As many of you reading this know, I spend quite a considerable amount of time focusing on your booty and getting it moving in class, so it stands to reason that the second suggestion for you is to get your body moving! Regular workouts are still the best way to avoid long-term damage from sitting, but this doesn’t just mean focusing on your glutes, you need to focus on your whole body.

If you have any questions or would like more information please put a comment in the box below. I hope to see you in class this week where we continue the quest for fit and fabulous with friends. #focusonthebootythisweek!


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