Life coaches, for the most part, are big goal-setters. Coaching is largely about beginning with the end in mind (a goal) and creating an action plan to get there, wherever “there” is. I personally reset my larger goals every 6 months, and smaller ones on a monthly basis.

However, simply having a goal isn’t enough for success, you also need a system to get you there. Systems work—they provide clarity and keep you on track. Systems make reaching that goal likely. A system is a set of steps to help you achieve your goal, not just dream and talk about it.


For example, let’s say your goal is to find a job. Your system might look like this:


Research career websites every day.

Have a networking coffee with someone new every week.

Allocate an hour per morning to do some fresh outreach.

Consistently polish your LinkedIn profile and resume.


A system makes your goal real. It’s concrete. It gets you moving. When you put your system into action, you’ll be very likely to reach your goal, because you have a map to get there.


The system is the key to getting yourself to the summit of whichever mountain you are climbing.


Which goals do you currently have that could really benefit from having a system? Could you replace:


Looking for a relationship with going on two new dates per week?

A goal of losing 5 pounds with cutting out soda from your diet?

Your revenue goal for your business with spending 20 minutes per day on marketing?

Your desire for a deeper spiritual practice with a 15-minute morning meditation?

A goal of spending more quality time with your spouse with all screens off during dinnertime?

Your desire for work-life balance with a massage every month and no email-checking after 7 or 8 p.m.?


Systems reduce decision fatigue; they provide you with an inner guidance system and equips you with the power of habit. What system can you start this week?


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