Overcome the Pressure to Be Perfect, Strive for Progress, Not Perfection

Remember, Nobody’s Perfect

Being perfect can be applied to how we look, act or even the tasks we undertake. When is being perfect necessary or when is perfect enough, enough?

Have you ever thought about “progress not perfection”?  We can find ourselves chasing something that’s not real or achievable, and we forget to look at what we’ve accomplished. When we shift our perspective and choose to focus on the progress that we have made, we, in turn, motivate ourselves to keep going. Progress breeds confidence and can often be the push we need to keep persevering, to keep trying. After all, will the world really end tomorrow if you don’t perform up to par today?

Start Small. Remember, something is better than nothing. When I’m having one of those days (or weeks…) I try to remind myself to focus on making progress, not the outcome. The key is not to be afraid to get started and just do something.


When to consider Perfect Enough is a better option than Perfect

  1. You procrastinate on things, even if you really want to do them.
  2. You hide things about yourself that you think are less than perfect (though when you do share them with others, they love you for it).
  3. You’re scared of what other people think and only do things that you know others will approve of.
  4. You don’t finish everything you start. LITERALLY, ME. DAILY.
  5. You let self-doubt control your actions and talk you out of your best ideas.
  6. You take criticism to heart.
  7. You’d rather do nothing than do something imperfectly.
  8. You give up on habits as soon as you lose your streak.
  9. You’re not going after your dream career because you’re scared you will fail or that you’ll look stupid.
  10. You try to fit in with everyone else by liking the same things they like, wearing the same things they wear and talking about the same things they talk about.
  11. You overthink every situation and over-analyze other people’s responses.
  12. You worry that other people are talking about you behind your back.
  13. You compare yourself to others, all the time.
  14. You never feel good enough.
  15. You don’t start a new project unless you’ve got everything planned out and it’s the perfect time.

LET IT GO! Seriously!  Not only is it true that nobody’s’ perfect, but nobody wants to hang out with someone who’s perfect!!




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