Well hello, how are you today?
Say it out loud, go on, I dare you.
So, how are you really? ……. think about it, do you need to tweak or change something to help you slide up the scale and hit the ‘fantastic’, ‘fabulous’ or ‘outstanding’ marker. I dare you.

Have you ever said “When I win the lottery……” my husband and I often talk about how many lives we could change for the better if we won…. how we would surprise our friends and family by paying off their mortgage or sending them on a first class trip around the world. What a phenomenal gift, to bestow this to others.

Sometimes we put the ‘if I win the lottery’ line into different words but with a similar sentiment. Think about this….

When I get my dream job

When my kids leave home and I have the house to myself

When I am fit enought to run 10k
I will be ………more fulfilled (fill in your own words) when xyz………..happens 

Get the picture? 

You are here now and you should be living for now, don’t wait for things to happen, live now.

Now is here and yours for the taking.

Here are some ideas to bring you back into today and in your ‘now’

1. What’s working for you?

Do you have a wonderful family, husband, kids? Are you planning a vacation or girls trip booked? Do you like your new boss? 

2. Decide it’s the best time of your life.

Positive affirmations can work wonders here.  When taking your morning shower try saying to yourself all the positive thngs that are going right for you.  Repeating this as a daily ritual can really help you think about the things that are going right and help focus you in to the now


Zoe x 


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