Last week we talked a little bit about planning for our futures. Maybe you filled out the worksheet (if you “paid” $100 for it I bet you did!). If not, that’s OK. This week is just as good as last week to get started. Well, maybe not quite as good, but you get the point. Get going. Plan your life or it will run you in a million directions.

I recently came across a fellow and his mates who went on a journey to cross off their bucket list items. After reading the exerpt of the poem above they found themselves wanting to make a change – to avoid a life buried by our day to day strife and monotony.

This got me thinking back to our Wine, Women and Wellness event from early in 2019. Did any of the women chase a goal that was so big it was terrifying? Or something that made her so excited for life she could hardly contain her excitement – practically shouting from the rooftops her plans? I’m going to err on the side of human nature and guess, probably not. We’re programmed to stay safe.

So here’s my question for you today: Have you ever written a bucket list? They’re innocent enough, right? Or maybe you’ve overlooked them. Those are for some people, but not you? Or, maybe they’re just not time well spent – because our time is a reflection of our priorities.

Well, what if I told you that by ignoring a simple bucket list you’re sending a message to yourself that dreams and aspirations don’t matter unless they net you something (typically time or money)? Our typical standard of time well spent has led us on a collision course with a buried life. Limiting your focus to the necessities and to-do’s will keep you from ever discovering your passions and gifts in this life.

Do you want to write your bucket list when you’re on your death bed? Or when someone dear has been taken from you? Sorry to be morbid, but that’s basically what this is about.

“The thought of death was the only thing that shook us enough into the present moment to actually realize what was truly important.” – Ben Nemtin, author

What do you want to do before you die?

Yes, I’m asking the question. I think it’s important you know this for yourself.

Why a bucket list? Well, they’re fun. But also, in that list of 100 odd things that mean something to you as an individual, is a hidden piece of gold. Your one true calling. You’ve possibly been too afraid to voice it to anyone ever before. You might not actually know what it is. Maybe you’ve been to countless hours of therapy trying to figure it out.

Also, sitting down and discerning what we actually want on our bucket list is a great exercise in self discovery and defining ourselves as individuals in a world of targeted ads, opinions from friends and family, etc. We’re impressionable beings, so I challenge you to decide what you want, not what someone else might want.

Get the pen and paper

Add a cup of coffee, maybe forward this email and rope in a friend or family member. Make it fun. But whatever you do, just do it. Start writing and don’t stop until you can’t think any more. When you’re done, post it to social media, send it to a friend or email it to me! I am dying to know what your dreams are. You’d better believe that I’ll be sharing mine over on my instagram @FlourishWithZoe.

Bucket list words

If you’re feeling stumped, try using some of these words in your list. There’s a lot more to a bucket list than just taking a photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa or swimming with dolphins. There’s service, friendship, romance, learning, honesty, health, finance and so much more. Is there something you’ve always thought of doing or learning?  Start with that!


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