10% of your life happens to you. 90% of your life is how you respond to the 10%.

Hello, I’m so happy you are here!

At this exact moment can you find your happy? Do you know what makes you happy? It sounds like a silly question, but some people struggle to identify with what this really means.

Is it a walk in the park kicking up crisp fallen leaves? A cup of coffee, while cosy in your window seat, with fall colors as your picture postcard? Perhaps lunch with your girlfriends or a nice crisp glass of wine? Maybe, just maybe, it’s a family dinner where everyone eats the same meal, at the same time (good luck with that!)

I think happiness is harder to find than it used to be. It’s a bold statement, I know! We process 11 million bits of information each second! We are bombarded with images, thoughts, sounds and smells 11 million times a second! It seems unbelievable!

Have you ever tried having a meaningful conversation with someone while you have your phone in one hand and writing an email at the same time? You can’t! Focusing on the conversation or the person, is just not possible!

How many of you have at least six tabs open on your browser at any time? We are multitasking our lives away and it becoming harder to find the happiness. To focus on the now, the one thing, the one moment so we can savor as many of the 11 million bits of information that come with each second. Interestingly, we are only consciously aware of approximately 130,000 of those bits of information, the remaining bits are in our unconscious mind, just think, all that information stored in our unconscious mind, when will we use it?! 11 million is a whopping increase from around 7 million bits of information from 10 years ago! Sensory overload is only going to increase, so making time to limit the multitasking a few moments a day will raise your awareness of what is around you, thus enabling you to focus and find the joy in that exact moment, and rightly so, happiness is essential for our wellbeing.

If we can’t focus on the now, because we are so distracted, how do we make the most of this moment?

How do you fancy taking a moment to close your eyes and picture one thing, yes, just one thing that would make you happy if you had it? Let the idea of happiness float into your mind, knowing there is no right or wrong, no should or should not. This, is your version of delight, contentment or something that puts a large smile on your face. How do you feel when you have this picture in your mind? How does it sound, what does it look like? It looks good, doesn’t it?!

But what happens if you can’t have the exact thing you pictured that will bring you happiness? Sitting on a beach right now or having your extended family around the dining table with everyone getting along, may just not be achievable. Can you replicate the FEELINGS and THOUGHTS associated with the vision?

Sometimes life isn’t about what we have, it’s about how we think and how we feel about what we have:

  1. What are those feelings and thoughts?
  2. How can you replicate them into your everyday life?

It doesn’t have to be complicated, don’t over think it. Just think about how you like to feel when you are happy.

Now take a piece of paper and write down a few times and places where you can create your own happiness because of your thoughts and your feelings.

You deserve it! You CAN create HAPPINESS for yourself! Happiness can be found in the any moment, if we are present and consciously aware.

Zoë x


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