No More Excuses!

Are you getting in your own way? Are you making excuses for not taking action? It takes courage and honesty to admit we make excuses, even though we ALL do it… Making excuses can be a good thing, because when we make excuses we stay small and safe, and this is where we are comfortable. Remember, change happens at the end of your comfort zone.  Use the prompts below to identify your excuses, understand the underlying fear/consequences of making excuses, and commit to do things differently in 2019.


·     Start by writing out the goal or outcome you’re looking for in the space below, then complete the table for each excuse.

·     Next pick 3-5 excuses you make on a regular basis. Put pen to paper and write – and no judgement please! Whatever pops up, write it down.

Eg. I’m too busy, It’s too cold, I don’t have…, I was too tired etc.

Now for each excuse, answer the following questions:

1.    What’s the underlying thought or fear? Take a deep breath, pause and notice what thought or feeling pops up. Then whatever it is, write it out below.

2.   What’s the impact of this excuse? How are your excuses affecting you? Your life? Your relationship with self/others? What opportunities have you missed?

3.   What could I say instead? Think about the goal you want to achieve and why. One idea is to acknowledge your fears/feelings – and then commit to take one step towards your goal, no matter how small.

4.   What will I do with this information? With this knowledge, what steps will you take to address your fear/s, lack of resources, motivation, self-belief etc.?


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