Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.
– Michael Jordan

Well hello!

Hands up, who hasn’t been ‘dressed’ all week? Put your hand up, go on, no one will see you.

Heck this is a shame and judgement free zone here, you do you!

How many of these adjectives can be applied to your current life?

Pivot, adjust, drink from a fire hose (technically not an adjective but it certainly applies here!), swivel, adapt, acclimatize, settle.

You aren’t the only one, and it’s comforting to know that isn’t it?
Everyone else’s lives have taken a 360 too, and have you noticed that once people settled into their new norm, in the main, are making the most of it? Definitely making lemonade out of lemons.

Here is a quick snapshot into one area of my life I am (secretly) enjoying…

My husband isn’t watching sport all the time (audible sigh from me), he’s not on the golf course every time the sun comes out, or it rains, or is windy, anytime really .. He now has the time and inclination to work out, and has even been known to take the reins of the household ‘social secretary’ role, much to my delight! I would say long may it last, but I’m not sure I can say that without it sounding like I want to Stay in Place forever. Believe me, I don’t!

Did you read the newsletter a few months ago about writing your bucket list? If not, you can find it here.

When the blog post was published we were living a very different life to now; we were as free as a bird, with plenty of opportunity to dream and plan, which, of course is not the case now.

How has the current situation affected your dreams and plans?

Or, put another way, how has it NOT?

Has it put the brakes on your plans or bucket list?

I got to thinking (eye roll from husband and kids at this point!) wouldn’t it be great to make a family Stay in Place Bucket List?

Should we abandon our bucket list or adapt it?

What can we do in the next month (or more) either as a family or solo?

What do you think?! Are you in? If so, here are a few tips to get you started.

The ‘rules’

We each add 5 things to the list we would like to do together and 5 things on our own.

Give your list a name
Make it a fun one.

Make the bucket list short term
Keep everything do-able within a month.

Mix Up the Bucket
Write things that can take a few minutes, or hours and some longer term, some can involve just two members of the family and some involve everyone.

Hold up your cards.
Share your solo dreams/plans (a little accountability never hurt anyone ;-))

Add some action items to the plan
Write down what you need, who you need and when you need it in order to make it happen. Remember this is (hopefully) a team effort.

Make a date!
Create a do-by date next to each, alongside who is responsible for orchestrating the action item.

Get Geeky
If you would like to take your list online here are a few sites who can help. These words can all be used to describe our new version of normal.
While we all do our best to thrive, rather than survive this period of uncertainty, are you having enough FUN!? (App) (App)

Some things from the Brit Bunch Bucket List

A weekly Saturday night themed dinner. Last week Maddie chose Bad and Boujee (yes, I had to look that one up!) and this Saturday I’m in charge of a James Bond night. True British fare, martini’s, I like mine shaken, not stirred, of course; and a fun opportunity to get out of jeans or workout gear.

Friday night games night. Each person choses a game. Does anyone have a poker set I can borrow for Casino Royale night?!

Dinner by Dodds. Chose the menu, plan it and make it.

Clean out a drawer a week. Do-able, right?

One of my solo contributions. Try as many different gin and tonic combinations as possible (tee hee!)

I would love to hear if you are already doing this, and if you give it a whirl, tell me how you get on!

Huge social distancing virtual hugs to you,
Zoe x

P.S. The picture below is of Mark, Maddie and I last Saturday night, gold shoes and all!

Don’t wait for that “perfect time” to begin, because there is no such thing.
– Zoe Dodds.


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