Happy Saturday, beautiful people,

I’m diving in straightaway today with an interesting question for you: Have you ever purchased a lottery ticket?

I think a lot of us just occasionally see the winners on the local news and think, “That must be wonderful.”

At some point, you’ve likely seen someone accomplish something and you assumed it came easy and you may have thought, “That must be nice.”

Or, maybe you’ve witnessed someone excelling and you wish you had their grit, motivation or focus. I’m here to tell you they worked for those characteristics and accomplishments. They didn’t wish for them.

On the wall in my gym you will see the words “Don’t wish for it, work for it.”

Not only do these words apply to your workout and gym body, they apply to every single aspect of your life.

Can you think of a time when you reaped rewards without working for them?

In the gym you have to perform the moves with purpose, judge your strength by how you feel and push for more, keep going even when you think you’re spent. You can’t wish for a faster run speed, a stronger, more toned body, you have to work for it.

In a life coaching session you have to dig deep in order to identify your pain or growth areas, establish and follow a plan for sustainable change and a happier, more contented life. You can’t wish for a better life and hope it happens; you have to work for it.

Health coaching is no different. To live a healthy life you have to analyze and change your habits, body image, and mindset to name a few things, before a diet or meal plan will be effective. You can’t wish to lose 10 pounds and suddenly discover a happier you; you need to work for it.

For the doubters out there, I hear you thinking about those with the winning lottery ticket, They didn’t work for it.” I hear you say, “They were lucky.” Yes, they were lucky, but they also did more than just wish to win, they went out and bought a ticket! They got off the sofa and went out to buy the darn thing, they knew that to reap the rewards of the win they had to buy the ticket.

There is a line in the TV advertisements in England which we use a lot in our house, “You’ve got to be in it to win it.” You’ve got to be invested in it to win it, no matter what ‘it’ is.

A lotto ticket might be $5 or $10 depending on the game you choose to play. But what does living a good life cost? What are you willing to pay? If you paid a large sum, would you take it seriously? Or, are your fears encouraging you to make wishes instead of investments?

Imagine you paid $100 for the worksheet attached. It contains everything you need to begin your plans for a new and exciting decade ahead. If you follow this you can potentially change your situation, your happiness, and fulfill your potential. But you can’t just wish those things into existence. You have to put in the work. Fill it out and get every last drop of value out of it.

Our lives are invaluable. Don’t keep wishing for more. Do more with the one you have. If you need to, get up, buy a lotto ticket. Pin it to the dash in your car, or on your bathroom mirror and use it as a reminder that you have to pay to play. You have to be in it to win it.

Now, download the worksheet and start filling it out. You can do this on your phone. Don’t have time right this minute? Set a calendar reminder to come back to it at a time you know you will be able to dig into it. If you’re serious about making changes in January, you will be serious about it today.

Zoë x


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