My current thoughts as I sit down to write this week’s ‘dose of Dodds’ email.

Do I connect my words this week to what is going on in the world, or do I write about something completely disconnected so you can ‘escape’ for a few minutes?

It didn’t take me long to discover, there is no disconnection. Play along with me and try it yourself.

Imagine you are sitting down to write a newsletter, a message of inspiration, motivation, possibly sharing something you know well or are passionate about. What would you write about?

Let’s say for instance, you are an environmentalist and passionate about the effect on greenhouse gasses on the planet. You would possibly explain what they are, what they are made of, their discovery, their effects on the planet and what to do to reduce them. Then, the chances are, you would continue to say that this is a great time for greenhouse gas reversal due to the fact so many planes are grounded and 70-80% less flights than usual. See the connection?

Another, more lighthearted example…

You are complimenting a friend on her hair… “I love your hair, where did you have it cut/colored”?
She replies “Oh thanks, but I’m having kittens (as we would say in England) I don’t know what I am going to do, my grey hairs are coming in and I can’t go to the hairdressers. Perhaps I should buy a box color and one of those sprays for the roots just incase this goes on for more than a few weeks. But what happens if this goes on for months”! Eek!

See, I told you! Try and think of one subject and see if does relate it in any way to the current Coronavirus situation.

Still not convinced? Imagine a friend is asking you the following questions, try and answer them without connecting them to the current situation.

How’s work?
How are the family?
Have you been to the gym recently? How is that new exercise class you were trying?
Have you seen (for example 😉) ‘Chatty Kathy’ recently? I heard she wasn’t well
How is your kid enjoying college?
Have you tried the new pizza restaurant in town?
How was this month’s book club meeting, I was so sorry to miss it?

Told you!

Connection and disconnection apply to everything. If we disconnect from social media, we connect to something else instead, a book for example. If we connect 100% to the task in hand, we disconnect the distractions so we can focus 100%.

How do you feel about adding some easy to do, purposeful connection to your days? It’s easy and can be attempted one at a time, one a week or not at all 😉 (I get you!)
Here are some examples.

. Unplug, watch the news but don’t leave it on the TV all day, chose when and what you see.

. While you can, get outside and move your body. Stay healthy and eat well.

. Connect to your future. This is BIG one. If this goes on for months what will be your legacy? What will you have accomplished, designed, created or finished?

. Connect to friends and family, give them a call rather than a text.

. Connect to what you see every day, because sometimes you don’t see what you see every day. The lightbulb which is out, the box that you still haven’t unpacked since you moved in 3 years ago, the old makeup sitting in your drawer that you last used 5 years ago (or is that one just me?!).

. Connect to disconnecting from social media for a defined period each day, as mentioned last week, waste your time wisely.

. Connect to making the changes you know you need to make; you know the ones, they’re the things you have a hard time with. Chat with a friend or family member to help you, you also know where I am, I’m very happy to help you and hold you accountable.

I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or if you found this useful. If you are new to my weekly emails you may enjoy last week’s precursor to this email titled Making the Most of the Mess.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you, either virtually, or from six feet apart, and please spread the love and pass on these words, you never know who may enjoy or need them.

Keep fit and well,



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