From Victoria

I had the pleasure of working with Zoë through Life Coaching.  It was incredible to finally speak to someone who truly heard me and understood the challenges I was facing.  Zoë and I were able to have 3 sessions (via Skype).  Her non-judgemental...

From Aline

“What an experience! I can’t thank Zoe enough for helping me get rid off negatives emotions that kept me away from my full potential, all these years. Her empathy and professionalism are undeniable.”

From Stacy:

Zoe does an amazing job of interweaving friendly motivation with kick-your-butt workouts. She encourages you to push your limits and challenge yourself, with humor and pep. Zoe always puts health and well-being first and will adjust workouts to account for aches/pains...

From Heidi:

Zoe’s incredible passion for life and fitness motivates one to achieve health and wellness goals in a positive and fun setting. She deeply cares about her clients and their journeys. I highly recommend her services!

From Jeanne:

Zoe pushes you to your limits while coaching you and inspiring you all the way. She asks thoughtful questions that really allow you to soul search and find the you that you want to be. Whether it’s coaching or exercising, I’m grateful and feel blessed to...