Find your healthy and happy.

Welcome! I’m so happy you are here, together we can make your magic come alive!

I absolutely love helping women be the best version of themselves, it’s my calling, it’s in my heart and soul, so if you feel there is something missing from your life we should meet.

Are you taking care of everything and everyone while your own needs stay unfulfilled?

You know you could be looking after your health and wellness and somehow you make healthy food for everyone else but you eat boxed mac and cheese at 9pm

Do you feel like you’re capable of so much more – but something always gets in the way?

It’s time to throw out the habits,  mindsets and messages that keep you from being the brightest, most shiny, healthy self.

It is time to reinvent yourself, and transition from who you were to who you’re meant to be.

It is time to reignite your life and rediscover yourself.

It’s time to #FlourishWithZoe!

Find your healthy and happy.

Are you taking care of everything and everyone while your own needs stay unfulfilled?

Do you feel like you’re capable of so much more – but something always gets in the way?

It’s time to throw out the things and thoughts that keep you small.

It is time to reinvent yourself, and transition from who you were to who you’re meant to be.

It is time to reignite your life and rediscover yourself.

It’s time to #FlourishWithZoe!

Workout Update

Fall Schedule

Outdoor classes are weather dependent, expect to hear from Zoë if rain is forecast, your class may be moved indoors.

Monday 7, 8.10, 9.20

Tuesday 7, 8.10 & 9.20

Thursday  7, 8.10  & 9.20

Friday  8.10

Pop up Saturday 8.30

Zoë sends emails containing class updates and locations, please sign up below or email Zoë to be added to the list.

Please book via the MINDBODY app, search for Zoë Dodds.

For more information on what to expect, class format, locations etc. head over to the Fitness page to download the document ‘How We Roll’ 

14 Day Workout Challenge

Join this free 14 day challenge!

Great for all fitness levels and the perfect way to kick start or get you back into a fitness routine, as well as providing the seasoned workout crew something different to your regular workout schedule.

There are two interactive workout plans to chose from. A follow along video plan and a ‘do- it- yourself’ plan, both with video’s showing correct form and modifications to suit your ability.

Join the Flourish and Nourish Fitness Tribe.

I look forward to connecting with you.

– Zoë

Fresh off the press

Break Through Your Plateau

Break though your plateauWelcome to your Break Through Your Plateau Guide All the Tools You Need to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Dreaded Health & Fitness Click to download your  BREAK THROUGH YOUR PLATEAU GUIDE Newsletter Signup  Don't miss out on the fun! Sign up...

Battling Through The Funk

Hello you fabulous thing! My blog post is slightly different this week. In part, it's about my vulnerabilities as I work thought this COVID paradigm, and in part it's about connecting to how you may be feeling as we work though this period in our lives together....

Guest writer, Natalie Debray on life during COVID

I don’t know about you but I am tired. I feel physically drained, depleted, and devoid of any sparkle.

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Love notes

From Stacy:

Zoe does an amazing job of interweaving friendly motivation with kick-your-butt workouts. She encourages you to push your limits and challenge yourself, with humor and pep. Zoe always puts health and well-being first and will adjust workouts to account for aches/pains or injuries.

Participants build both muscles and friendships in her classes. Zoe’s classes are the highlights of my week!

From Victoria

I had the pleasure of working with Zoë through Life Coaching.  It was incredible to finally speak to someone who truly heard me and understood the challenges I was facing.  Zoë and I were able to have 3 sessions (via Skype).  Her non-judgemental approach, kindness, generosity and patience made me feel so comfortable, I could fully explore exactly what I as allowing to hold me back.   Zoë would not let me off the hook, when I continually tried to steer away from difficult situations and conversation.  She gently gave me the courage to delve deeply into what was blocking me from living my best life, without fear.  She was with me every step of the way.

Thank you for the harvest, I am now living my happy!

From Natasha:

Working with Zoe has been profound. She has this extraordinary ability to ask probing questions that lead you to natural conclusions. Each session with her is an epiphany waiting to happen. I feel more vibrant, productive, and confident than I have in ages.

From Christina:

I am so grateful that I am able to be part of Zoe’s Tribe. I started Zoe’s class out of shape and weary of the format of the class as well as the level.  I should not have worried.  There is a class for everyone at Flourish and Nourish. Zoe is here to help me improve my health, stamina, form and shape. She is nothing but positive and enthusiastic.  Zoe is very organized with workouts that are always unique and never boring. I love that we are able to work out outside.  She constantly revisits her material and stays atop of fitness as well as health trends. She pays special attention to each of her fitness students, offering encouragement, modifications and advice with kindness and humor.  I recommend Zoe’ s Flourish and Nourish program wholeheartedly.

From Bridget:

Zoe is one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met!  She treats everyone with the utmost respect by her genuine interest in their lives.  Her bubbly enthusiasm is pure motivation!  I particularly like her new Flourish and Nourish newsletters.  They come out on Saturday mornings, the perfect time for a little reflection on the previous week and the week to come.  Her tips on nutrition have been a life changer for me!

From Jeanne:

Zoe pushes you to your limits while coaching you and inspiring you all the way. She asks thoughtful questions that really allow you to soul search and find the you that you want to be. Whether it’s coaching or exercising, I’m grateful and feel blessed to have Zoe in my corner.

From Lisa:

High energy, GREAT workout, personalized coaching, motivating music and a positive, inspiring and FUN coach – Flourish and Nourish has it all.  Zoe is incredible.  Try a class or private session – you will not regret it and you will likely get ‘hooked’ in the best possible way!

From Sharon N., the latte maker

As I returned home this morning and was making my latte, I thought about you and your business. 

You have done such an amazing job (singlehandedly no less) in creating a beautiful, welcoming, loving and challenging environment for us all to push ourselves within.  I truly am so impressed and proud of you for the little entity that you have built, not just the workout portion, but also the educational and informational forum that you provide, and the strong sense of community and sisterhood that you foster.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to take part in all that you create and provide, I just wanted to let you know that, and that I appreciate everything that you do every damned day 😘!

From Aline

“What an experience! I can’t thank Zoe enough for helping me get rid off negatives emotions that kept me away from my full potential, all these years. Her empathy and professionalism are undeniable.”

From Heidi:

Zoe’s incredible passion for life and fitness motivates one to achieve health and wellness goals in a positive and fun setting. She deeply cares about her clients and their journeys. I highly recommend her services!