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It is Wednesday morning and I turn my attention to this week’s newsletter. Most weeks I have the dilemma of wondering what I will write about. I can’t think of anything, and why do I even bother? Who is reading this anyway?! Then I get a grip, put on my big girl pants, ditch the pity party and sit at my desk. 


The first thing that enters my mind is the sugar detox I’ve been running with some of my clients this week (probably because I’m craving something sweet RIGHT NOW!). I could write about being headstrong, having the power of being able to do something we know is uncomfortable, or how it feels to be without added sugar in the diet – after all, I’ve been writing about how to beat cravings for the last few weeks. 


Then I realize, if I am to write about any of these options I need to write about it as if I have successfully completed the five day ‘sugar detox’. After all, I’m not going to write about it as if I failed – because I haven’t, I’m only on day 2 for goodness sake! I will need to write in the present as if the future has already happened. 


But what happens if I fall off the wagon and I’m not mentally strong enough, perhaps I eat a bowl of ice cream when I said I wouldn’t, or I cave and drink my beloved gin and tonic or wine? What if I fail when I sooo badly want to succeed?  

I need to make sure I don’t fail then, don’t I? 

Then it hits me TA-DA!

I will write about manifestation, because when we manifest something we wholeheartedly believe we deserve and will accomplish the ‘thing’. 


Let’s take a step back for a moment.

What is manifestation?

manifestation: NOUN

an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.

“the first obvious manifestations of global warming”

When applied to yourself, it means you are intentional about what you want your life to look like, starting with taking the time to ask yourself questions about what you most want in life.

For example: 

How do I want my body to look?

What does my dream relationship look like?

Where do I want to live?

How much do I want to earn?


Don’t get this confused with the ‘I will be happy when’, train of thought.
Manifesting is the act of being intentional about what we really want to create in our lives.
You do need to be specific.

The chances of you reaching your dreams are much lower if you go through life (for example) wanting a new car, more money, a better relationship with your spouse or a better body etc. but aren’t specific about your goals, (how you are going to get the new car/more money etc.)  You do need to be specific.  Take time to imagine them as if they are a current reality,

So now you know what it is, do you know what to manifest?

Ask yourself, what is the one thing I would love to manifest today? Then take some time to meditate and reflect upon your goals. What’s the underlying motivation behind them?

For example, if you’re hoping to manifest a salary raise, ask yourself:

-Why do I want a raise?
-Who else will benefit when I have a higher salary?
-How will I make the world a better place because I am getting paid more?

Use these answers to help motivate you when the going gets tough along your journey, because it’s not always easy.  Be patient with the process and yourself, the longer you spend thinking about what you want the more chance you have of finding it . If it feels challenging, dial it back, start small. Start with gratitude, for example, perhaps asking… how do I want to feel today? 

  “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction” -JFK

Commitment is key
Sometimes we shy away from manifesting because we are scared to commit to our dreams. What will happen if we fail?

Here’s the thing, if you are committing to all of your dreams you are committing to none. Most people have hundreds of small dreams, if not thousands, so it’s a bit like chasing a chicken coup full of hens and catching none. Get specific, chase one chicken and the probability of you catching it are far greater.  Creating a vision board and filling your journal pages with ‘I am, I will, I have’ statements is all well and good, but you need to channel your energy towards the goal and strive for them on a daily basis with daily affirmations and mindfulness 

I once heard someone say “We don’t get what we want in life, we get what we believe we deserve”. I spent a long time dissecting this statement, I felt it was without substance and somewhat untrue – but then I dug deeper and without going into too much detail here I agree with it in the main. We have to believe we are worthy of something to truly chase it.

 My daughter is currently manifesting entry into her dream college. She says has found renewed energy for the application process and exam practice.  She knows she has to work hard to be accepted and is no longer leaving it to chance and a good GPA. Everything she does aims towards her goal and dream is in the forefront of her mind at all times.

Manifestation Techniques

Can you manifest without meditation? Not really, and here’s why. You need to place your manifestations in order  or priority in your meditation practice.  Meditation is the act of training your mind to focus on one thing at a time. It’s a vital part of the manifestation process because it teaches you how to become more mindful of your thoughts so you can eliminate the unhelpful ones standing in your way.

The focus of your thoughts could be on your affirmations, a visualization of your goal, or your breath. It doesn’t matter what you’re focusing on, as long as you’re gently bringing your thoughts back to that thing you want to focus on every time they wander away, and they will wander away.


Auto-suggestion is the act of planting a goal into your subconscious mind and watering it through daily affirmations. 

Create a clear sentence describing what you intend to manifest. Write the sentence in present and positive tense. Read it out loud every night before bed and every morning upon rising. Say this sentence like you mean it, with feeling and emotion. You are training your subconscious mind to make your statement reality your actual reality.

Examples of Positive Affirmations:

  • I am changing lives and improving the world through my career.
  • I am debt free.
  • I am a healthy person who eats nutritious food and exercises daily.



Journaling is a highly effective way to reveal, release, and resolve unhelpful thoughts that get in the way of your thoughts, write down anything that is stopping you from your dreams.  Journaling can be as regular as you like it to be, sometimes a large brain dump is all you need to move on, while other times daily journaling works best.

So, there it is, Manifesting 101 by Zoe! I’m definitely not an expert in this area, if you are I’d love to know, perhaps you can add some hints and tips which I can share?

Bye for now, stay safe and well,
Zoe x

P.S. It is now Friday and I have one more day to go of the sugar detox. How do you think I did?!


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